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It says it in the name. Enjoy a calming work out in the living room with our virtual yoga class. One of our in house instructors will lead you all through a quick warm up, then teach you and your team a combination of simple, relaxing and strengthening yoga poses.

Why not upgrade the experience with our meditation option? Most of our yoga instructors also teach meditation techniques. These techniques can also be adapted to desk meditation so you can use these new skills to reboot during a hectic and stressful work day. (No matter how much you love your job, we all have these days)

Why choose living room yoga?

Exercise has been proven to increase health dramatically, not just body but also mind and soul. Now that we are in a world of change where staying home is the norm, it is important to keep your teams healthy and happy now more than ever.

Many people are sceptical about meditation…

However, we have found that even sceptics have appreciated the sessions we offer and said they plan to do more in their spare time. Without their work place planning this, they would have never taken the time to find something that helps them grow as a person, increase their happiness and overall mind set as much as meditation does.

If that isn’t an incentive to take part in this activity I don’t know what is.

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