Living Room Dance

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It says it in the name. Have a boogie around the living room with our virtual dance class. One of our in house choreographers will lead you all through a quick warm up then teach you and your team a simple but high energy dance routine.

Why not upgrade the experience with our rave option? We will provide the gear but it’s up to you guys to provide the party. Yes! You know what we mean by gear. Glow sticks, whistles and leg warmers galore. After your dance session and everyone is moving and grooving happily its time to turn the lights off and rave like nobody is watching.

Why choose living room dance?

This high energy activity gives your teams a chance to step out of their comfort zone and learn some new skills in a fun environment.

Why not take advantage of our rave option in the future and do a ‘Throwback Thursday’ where everyone has to wear their rave gear for your morning zoom meeting. Special packages like this can be used frequently to remind your team of that fun, wild time they had during the activity. Reminiscing the good times is a great way to reconnect your teams during difficult and stressful periods.

Exercise has been proven to increase health dramatically, not just body but also mind and soul. Now that we are in a world of change where staying home is the norm, it is important to keep your teams healthy and happy now more than ever.

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