Create Your Own Soap Opera

Key Facts


Approx 1-3hrs

Group Size



Problem Solving


All you need for this activity is a camera and a can do attitude.

Firstly we will work closely with you to have a better understanding of your team. From here we will write a bespoke script for you and your staff just like a real Soap Opera. Everyone will then be sent their lines, a brief character description and directions to help understand how to deliver the lines, scene locations and actions.

The real twist of this activity is that it is all SECRET!! Everyone will film their scenes at home. They will only be given their lines and nobody else’s. They won’t know who is in their scene, what lines they are replying to, who is playing the role of their husband or daughter or anything!!

We will then send out a care package filled with goodies for you to enjoy during a premiere of the final product that will be hosted by one of Glow’s team. All the hush hush about who is who is finally revealed. You will see your team at the edge of their seats devouring their popcorn as the story lines and plots unravel. Laughing endlessly as they realise who is playing the character of their secret lover or what crazy event they were directed to react to.

Why choose Create your own soap opera?

This activity allows your team members to try something new and out of their comfort zone but in an environment they are most relaxed.

We also know that your teams may not have any pro acting experience under their belts and therefore we do everything we can virtually to help. We send out a short video from your personal director to give encouragement, ideas of adding extra pizzazz and also tips on how to do all of these things in a comfortable way (we know not everyone loves a camera)

Then of course there’s the premiere!! This is definitely an event to remember and your teams will be talking about it for months.

This activity can be as relaxed, as high energy or outright crazy as your individual staff members want it to be. That’s the beauty of this home made and more personal activity.

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