Caffeine and Caricatures

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Approx 1-2hrs

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Enjoy a goodies box with a selection of flavoured teas and coffee while learning how to draw caricatures of your fellow staff members.

One of our very talented artists will guide you and your team through some simple, beginners tips and techniques to master the cartoon face structure.

Why choose Caffeine and Caricatures?

This activity is calm, collected with a few giggles thrown in.

It can be easily added to a morning zoom call so your team can feel ready to start the day after already achieving something they never thought they would do.

You can even add the new skills learnt as a regular activity so your team members can gradually do a drawing of the whole team. Once everyone has completed all their drawings, you can pick out the best ones of each person and have them displayed somewhere in the office. This way, those brief and less regular visits are still filled with the presence of all the whole team.

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