Who’s Got Talent

Key Facts


Approx 1.5-3 hrs

Group Size



Problem Solving


Group will be divided into teams of 4-10. There will be a wide range of props and materials to hand, using these and wild imagination the teams will create a performance of their choice. This could be a magic act gone wrong, a harmonizing band of any gene, a stand-up comedy act and so much more. Anything is possible. These will then be performed to the whole group and our judges. The judges will decide which team shall be rewarded the opportunity of a life time to perform to royalty. This team will have some extra time to spice up their act before performing once again but this time to our special royals.

Why choose Who’s Got Talent?

Who’s got talent is not only fun, high energy and sometimes outrageously wacky, but it is also very thought provoking and challenging. Giving the teams so much choice and power over their activity forces them to work as a team in a very fast pasted environment.

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