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Approx 0.5-2hrs

Group Size



Working as a Team


With the choice of instruments being boom whackers, body percussion or voice your staff will be led by a conductor to create harmonising music. To warm up the crowd the conductor will lead some easy musical tasks involving the chosen instrument.

Once comfortable, conductor will split the crowd into groups. These groups will learn separate melodies. The real challenge is putting all these melodies together as one. This activity can be done with just one of the chosen instruments or more.

In more intense Team building sessions, teams are given the opportunity to create their own rhythms and beats to perform to the group.

Why choose Orchestra?

Orchestra is a fun activity for team building but also perfect for an ice breaker. The three instrument choices give you the option of creating something unique to your company.

You can even choose to use all three as a longer team build activity or just one for a quick ice breaker. It’s high energy yet challenging and will leave the room filled with smiles, laughter and sense of achievement.

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