Make a Scene

Key Facts


Approx 1-4hrs

Group Size



Time Management
Quick Thinking
Team Work
Problem Solving


Firstly, you let us know what key skills you would like your teams to focus on. These could include leadership, communication, persuasion and more.

From here we put together a range of fun, engaging and high energy exercises for your team. These exercises range from using improvisation, script work, producing an advert (popular for sales teams) acting related games and so much more.

One of our popular exercises is for small teams to produce an advert selling either a product of your choice (maybe a new company product launching soon) or to make things harder and thought provoking we can provide random objects for the element of surprise.

Why choose Make a Scene?

Our acting workshops are one of our most popular activities for so many reasons. We have such a wide variety of fun exercises we offer that it is unique to your company and needs.

This also means we can provide for any occasion. We work closely with you to ensure we give a bespoke experience filled with laughter and joy as well as being educational.

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