Find Your Inner Queen

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Approx 1.5-3hrs

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Team Work
Time Management


The room will be filled with random scraps of materials and tools such as: scrap textiles, toilet roll, tape, feathers, string, bed sheets, bubble wrap and more. These will be used to design your very own elaborate outfit and wig for your inner Queen.

Once you’re looking glamorous or maybe not so glamorous (depending of your design skills) one of our fabulous Drag Queens will lead you in a performance workshop. This involves character work, how your inner queen walks and presents herself.

To top it all off, the group will then be split into smaller teams to create a short drag act to perform to one another. This could be a anything from a short comedy act, a lip syce performance or a dance routine.

Why choose Find Your Inner Queen?

This high energy, creative and absolutely hilarious activity will have your teams giggling and reminiscing for months. If that’s not great way to bond people, I don’t know what is.

Not only this but each exercise within the activity forces your teams to work on skills and traits needed with in the work environment such as open mindedness and communication to list a few.

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