Dance Workshops

Key Facts


Approx 1-4hrs

Group Size



Time Management
Quick Thinking
Problem Solving


Firstly, you choose what style of dance you would like for your workshop. Then let us know what key skills you would like your teams to focus on. These could include leadership, communication, time management and more.

From here we put together a range of fun, high energy exercises for your team. A popular activity of ours is for smaller teams within the group to choreograph their own dance routine. Like most, this exercise can be manipulated to focus on your chosen key skills by adding challenges with in the activity. For example: every team member must choreograph a certain amount of dance moves/counts (depending on the group sizes) and teach the rest of the team.

Why choose Dance Workshops?

Our dance workshops are one of our most popular activities for so many reasons. We have such a wide variety of dance styles to choose from and can also relate to themes.

These include: Bollywood, folk, jazz, contemporary, cheer leading, good old 80’s disco and more. This means we can provide for any occasion. However, our clients feel that it is the variety of exercises we offer that makes it so popular. Allowing us to make a bespoke activity to you and your needs.

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