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Approx 0.5-2hrs

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The group will be led by a professional choir director. Firstly, the director will lead a variety of vocal exercises to warm up the groups voices. Vocal exercises are not always very glamorous noises so this part is very humorous.

Once warm, the director will teach a short verse of a popular song for the whole group to sing together. They will then split the room into groups for the chorus where each group will be given a harmony. Everything the group has learnt will then be put together to create a beautiful harmonizing choir.

Why choose Choir?

It has been proven that singing releases endorphins which has been described as the feel-good chemical in the brain. Who wouldn’t want to fill a room with these feel-good vibes. This is why this activity is perfect for any occasion. A short ice breaker to wake up the crowds after lunch or a more intense team building experience.

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