Blinding Trust

Key Facts


Approx 1.5-4hrs

Group Size



Time Management
Quick Thinking
Problem Solving


We have combined the creative arts with blind folds to create this fun, engaging workshop for your teams. Our wide range of exercises allow you to customise your workshop to focus on the key skills needed for your company/teams. From blindly learning and teaching dance routines to blind folded drawings this activity is truly our most diverse in every way. Get physical with obstacle courses and improv games or keep calm with our more relaxed games such as story making and guess the team mate. Contact us to creating your bespoke team building now.

Why choose Blinding Trust?

As mentioned in our summary, this is our most diverse team build activity as it can focus on so many skills. It can also be as physically active or as calm and educating as you want or need.

Throughout the workshop each team member has to rely on one another to teach, learn, trust and communicate forming a lasting bond between the team. This activity is educating, fun and engaging for everyone.

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