Glow Team

What Our Team Building Activities Do

We provide a wide variety of team building workshops for all occasions. This could be for your next big company event or just in the office. Although we have lots of set activities filled with fun, motivation and education. We also understand that you know your teams best, therefore we work closely with you to bespoke every activity. We can focus on any key skills you want and need to get the best out of your employees.

  • Team Building

  • Ice Breakers

  • Office Workshops

How Glow Team will benefit your teams

You may notice most of our activities are performing arts based. Performing arts is a form of entertainment so you already know it’s going to be fun, engaging and high energy for your teams.

Here at Glow we also believe performing arts professionals can teach a huge deal about team work. Even on stage unfortunate circumstances happen, however these situations need to be hidden very strategically and efficiently when in front of a paying audience. A cast can problem solve in seconds, even the slightest glance between one another is enough communication. All these skills and more can be applied to your work space for a more productive team.  

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