Scrap The Instruments

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Approx 1-2hrs

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With the leadership of our scrap rhythm directors your teams will learn and perform musical sensations using only junk items. (clean of course) From dustbins to cooking pans we have it all to bash away at and create beats you want to tap your feet to. The group will be separated into rhythm sections. The director will then layer these sections together so your teams will be playing a complexed piece of art they would have never expected to achieve. The end goal is for the team to play the music they have learnt with out the directors guide by communicating as a team and trusting each other leadership.

Why choose Scrap The Instruments?

This is not only a very unique experience but also a hilarious and wacky one filled with laughter and joy for everyone. This fast pasted activity will have everyone working as a team to lead each other into different rhythm sections. Keeping your teams focused, engaged and having to have quick reactions as well as having a ball of a time.

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