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Weather you are running an exhibition, gala dinner or conference, we know you are always in need of spare hands. This is where our professional team of corporate staff come in. Dedicated, enthusiastic, approachable and adaptable is just a few words you can use to describe our team.

We delegate specific job roles for each staff member selected with a thorough briefing. This briefing includes where they will be stationed during the event, where to find any items that they will be dispatching, clothing and presentation descriptions and more. This ensures all event staff members are prepared and ready as soon as arriving on location.

As well as event staff with delegated job roles we also offer what we like to call ‘Drifters’ These are the true helping hands. These are staff members that float between helping other event staff during peak times such as cloak room duties during arrival time but also can run any errand that comes up during the event. Drifters are vital to a successful, smooth running event as they are there to help with everything and anything that may occur on the day.

Popular Job Roles For Corporate Event Staff

  • Meet and greet staff.

  • Guides to lead your guests to the right location.

  • Guest list/ticket assistant.

  • Dispatching of event wristbands, lanyards, information packs and more.

  • Information desk.

  • Cloakroom assistant.

  • Drifters.

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