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Our experienced Brand Ambassadors are a great way of engaging consumers and target audiences through their high energy yet approachable persona. However, this is just the first step.

Here at Glow we understand that knowledge is key and therefore brief our ambassadors to the highest standard. Training days for more complex campaigns involving new tech, festival like locations, competitions and more can also be arranged.

Although we know that all of our brand ambassadors have the skills, professionalism and enthusiasm needed to lead a successful campaign, we also like to go one step future by ensuring every staff member selected is relevant to your brand. We provide teams that share a passion and interest for the products/projects/brand.

Our confident teams give you the opportunity to focus on more important matters, even if this is sitting back and relaxing after the manic few months you’ve had planning the campaign. You deserve it.

Popular Job Roles For Brand Ambassadors

  • Leafleting promotional offers.

  • Getting the public involved in various competitions.

  • Giving out branded souvenirs.

  • Creating a buzz outside stores.

  • Engaging with consumers to promote your brand.

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